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The genesis of the Living Puppets hand puppets began in 2000 with the first six hand puppets.
Since then, new hand puppets have been developed twice a year. Meanwhile, the assortment consists of more than 300 different figures, the human-,fantasy- and animal hand puppets, chattering worms and Wunschstraumkuschelmuschelkissen®. Yes and of course not to forget
our licensed classics from the world-famous "Sesame Street" and "the Wiwaldi Show".




Of course, not all hand puppet creations are still in program, some have become collectible rarities.


Product development is a creative process!

From idea to product: Does anyone want to know how it works?
First, there are ideas for new hand puppet creations! These are recorded and made in the form of sketches.


The development process is accompanied by our experienced toy safety experts. The perfect pattern then comes into production, which is done under strict conditions of our quality management. This includes safety assessments, test plans and tests acc. EN71 and for the US ASTM tests. The quality control during and after production ensures that we have truly safe products for our Living Puppets fans upon delivery. In addition, the Living Puppets hand puppets are closely examined by an independent testing institute. Almost all puppets are washable at 30 ° C (gentle cycle) or hand washable.



Why even hand puppets?
Hand puppets have always fascinated us, because when they are recorded, the magic begins with the characters.
They are brought to life .. and you immerse yourself in a fantasy world.
Hand puppets are a great medium and so versatile. We are happy that our Living Puppets help so many people.
Whether in puppet theater, as a therapy puppet, storyteller, comforter, cuddly friend, traffic education or study aid in school and kindergarten and more and more in the field of elder care.
It is always impressive, which stories reach us in the use of the Living Puppets hand puppets.
Whether with the use of famous puppeteers, known from TV and shows or stories, how the hand puppets have become an important part of life and help people daily.

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